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  • #Glicerio Chaves Hornero is a furniture manufacturer specialized in modern bedroom bedroom sets for kids and adults. The Company started in the beginning of the 80's in Almagro, a town in the central Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha.

    The company's founder was Glicerio Chaves Hornero who, thanks to his working capacity, dedication and forward thinking, created a family business. Soon after, the Company started to continuously grow because of its excellent quality product and its extraordinary customer service. As a result, the first factory restructuration took place in 1986 and Glicerio Chaves Hornero became a Ltd Compañy. This change of dimension was made to get adapted to new market's requirements and it was due to the fact of the second-generation members of the Glicerio family taking over the business. Hence, the factory's dimension was changed and it grew up to 80.000 m2, being the former facilities of 3.000 m2. The company was allocated in a new place at km 2 on the road connecting the towns of Bolaños de Calatrava to Almagro.

    Nowadays, Glicerio Chaves Hornero Ltd. is considered a leading company on its field and a reference of design and quality nationwide. In addition, our successful Brand has allowed us to achieve a big share of the market, bringing the opportunity to acquire the best and latest technological advances. This has enabled us to make products of an optimum quality assurance to our production.

    There is no doubt: we are a synonym of quality, excellent customer service and guarantee of thorough and well done job by producing with the most innovative technology.

  • #In Glicerio Chaves Hornero Ltd. people come first. Therefore, our business activity is focused on the client and our main goal is to solve space problems with carefully designed products that make every single room beautiful as well as more useful. Beacause of this, you will always be comfortable and you will have the best experience.

    Moreover, in our company, every single piece of furniture is made with the latest technology released. We are an innovative enterprise that enhances the products with the best materials. This way, we are able to provide high quality products at competitive prices that are available for a wide range of people as they are made to meet our customer needs.

    As we keep that in mind, we firmly believe that our furniture are to be lived. Because of its innovative space-saving design, the quality of our materials and technology and our high quality controls, we can say that choosing a Glicerio Chaves Hornero bedroom is the best choice, not only for the quality but for the great value for money.

  • #We understand our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR hereafter) as:

    "The continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large ("Making Good Business Senes", by Lord Holme and Richard Watts, published by The World Business Council for the Sustainable Development, 1 January 2000).

    Our company applies this idea in our everyday activity as a good way to grow into our engagement towards environment. Our Environmental Care Project means that every Wood used for production comes from sustainable forest management certified companies. We are permanently conscious about the origin of our inputs in order to be consistent with our CSR policy, so that enabling us to make responsible purchasing.

    Also, we are making a huge effort to maximize positive externalities and to prevent the negative ones without losing the aim of profitable business.

    Consequently, our management and production are based on ethical and professional principles within the framework of our CSR policy. We apply honesty, reliability and transparent dealing to reinforce the ties within our company, our environmental engagement and our clients.

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